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Select Botanical is a Company founded by a group of professionals, specialized in the field of botanical extraction, with a high academic knowledge and proved experience. Ultimately, it's people equipped with a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication, always ready to satisfy our customer's needs in the shortest possible time.

We are a technologically based Company, orientated towards research, development, manufacturing and marketing of products with botanical origin, to be used by Pharmaceutical, Dietetic, Food, Cosmetic and Veterinary Industries.

Select Botanical's aim is, before anything else, to satisfy our customers. To reach that goal, our Commercial and Development Departments work closely to understand each customer's needs. And that's how we are able to present exclusive and specific solutions to each one of them, offering customers the highest quality products and the best service.

Since early 2012 we have inaugurate our own facilities in Buñuel (Navarra, Spain). It has an 800 Tons estimated extracting capacity. The factory has been designed with the highest state-of-the-art industrial technology, and the strictest safety norms, in order to guarantee the GMP standards for correct quality and manufacturing regulations.


Select Botanical is definitively committed to the reach finest Research & Development goals. To do that, we have created  a Biotechnology-based Unit called Select Biotech, to study and research the implementations and uses of new botanical extracts for various areas, such as Medicine, Nutrition and Cosmetics. We understand Innovation as the basic foundation to develop our own business as well as our customer's.

The strongest points of our Select Botanical R+D Unit are:

  • High Technological Innovation Capacity.
  • Long and rich Intellectual Property background.
  • Development and design of new products, coming from the needs of the market.
  • Identification of new active ingredients derivates of the plants.
  • One and only language focused to reach the given scientific and industrial goals.



"Understanding the nature for health benefits”